Disability Action North East

Illustration: a group of disabled peopleYou can become a member of DANE and support our work in this way. This means you can come to meetings and use your vote to decide how DANE works and what we should be doing. Find out more about membership or download an application form.

You can come to the organising meetings for the different campaigns we are running.

You will also get a newsletter, IMPACT, letting you know what is happening in the North East and nationally; keeping you in touch with the disabled people's movement. Issues of IMPACT are available to download. If you need any information about what is happening or the debates and issues that affect us, contact the office.

But best of all, you get to work with other disabled people in tackling the real barriers in our lives such as the lack of access to transport, housing, education, independent living, information, employment and peer support.

There's lots more, so get in touch and we'll let you know the different things that are happening and how you can be involved!

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